Kristen Holmes is a social worker for the foster house that Tasha Jefferson lived at when she was younger. She is portrayed by LaTonya Borsay.

Personality Edit

Kristen is shown to be caring for the children she works with. She is also shown to be strict.

Physical Appearance Edit

Kristen is a middle-aged African-American woman. She has well-groomed eyebrows and black hair in dreadlocks. She seems to like the colour purple. She has brown eyes.

Overview Edit

Kristen appears overhearing the way Taystee speaks to Brichelle in front of two hopeful parents, Rhonda and Charles Parker. She goes to intervene Taystee before she ruins the event, and asks her if she wants to go have some shaved ice. Kristen asks Taystee what flavour she wants, to which Taystee replies with "blue".

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