Joshua Nicholson is a registered sex offender that appears in Brook Soso's flashback in "(Don't) Say Anything". He is portrayed by Joe Lanza.

Overview Edit

Brook and several others are involved in a campaign against a new Walmart being built in the area. Dared to pay him a visit, Brook appears at Joshua's doorstep to get him to sign a petition. At first, he tries to distance himself, telling her to do whatever form of prank she has and to leave. She persists, and he asks how old she is before allowing her inside.

Glancing over her petition, he reluctantly refuses on the basis of what the petition wants to do instead, saying that he would be kicked out of his house if a park was built nearby. Brook plainly asks about the offense he was rumored to have committed. He makes glib comments about his crime and the severity of it, scaring Brook. Joshua then gives her the newspaper article that reported the crime. It is here that she learns that the charge was for having sex on an abandoned beach late at night rather than the rumored pedophilia, and Brook is shocked at how much his life has changed for the worse for such a relatively minor infraction. Joshua eventually signs Soso's petition before she leaves, saying it's not like Walmart is going to lose.

When Brook returns to the group, she lies about her experience and says that he tried to attack her to gain respect, revealing unsavoury elements to her personality.

Gallery Edit

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