Josephine Baptiste was the wife of Jean Baptiste. She appeared in the second flashback that Miss Claudette had in the episode "Imaginary Enemies". Claudette received a letter from Baptiste later in the episode in which he told her that Josephine had died. He did not reveal the cause of death.


She tries to make herself out to be polite even though she acts haughtily towards Claudette.


She is a black woman who is younger than Miss Claudette, with long, dark curly hair. She's very well dressed.

Biography Edit

Before Claudette's incareration Edit

In flashbacks during "Imaginary Enemies", Josephine is introduced by Jean Baptiste to Claudette, and he explains that Josephine is now his wife. Claudette offers Josephine a drink, hoping to be friendly, when Jean goes to retrieve the drink. It becomes clear how rude she is when she tells Claudette within less than a minute of meeting her, "I don't know how you've done it all these years. Taken in these children when you can't have children of your own. It must be so difficult". Although Claudette was clearly hurt by Josephine's snarky comment, she simply replied "I made my peace with it".

Season One Edit

In the present time, Miss Claudette recives a letter from Jean Baptiste stating that Josephine has died and asking to see her.

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