Jeanie "Babs" Babson is a Litchfield inmate. She is a member of the Norma-worshippers and is one of Norma’s biggest supporters. She is seen asking Norma to bless her correspondence and attending Norma’s sessions in the prison chapel. She also is a big fan of Suzanne Warren's scifi erotica Time Hump Chronicles.

Personality Edit

Jeanie is a Sassy woman

Physical Description Edit

She is a black woman with brown eyes and black, short, curly, frizzy hair. She has full lips and well groomed, thin eyebrows

Biography Edit

Jeanie does not have a flashback yet.

Before Litchfield Edit

Not much is known about Jeanie before her incarceration

Season 3 Edit

She is a member of Norma's Cult and a fan of Time Hump Chronicles

She first appears in "Tongue-Tied", she and her fellow believers are waiting for Norma, Norma finally arrives in the chapel, Jeanie gasps and says "I told you! what did I tell you! Non-belivers, all of you! Nobody ever listens to me." Norma then does her "magic" on jeanie's forehead.

In "Where My Dreidel At" she is seen in the chapel, she looks very annoyed when Charismatic Catholics interrupt their session with Norma and fails to see it as a faith. Later on, Frieda is reading "Time Hump" aloud. Jeanie shouts "Hey, no spoilers!"

In "A Tittin' and a Hairin'" she is once again with the Norma-worshippers, they are taking turns shouting their thoughts In a circle, outside and Jeanie Shouts "I hate Papaya!". Later on, they are again outside shouting their thoughts, Gina shouts "One person here (Leanne) is very bossy and I am very annoyed by her" Leanne responds and Jeanie says "Am, I think we a'int supposed to respond.", after more comments about Leanne and a speech by Poussey, Jeanie shouts "Norma is my Jesus!", the group is later separated and giver work duty. Leanne and Soso have an argument and Soso says "We're just different, obviously." Jeanne is shocked by this and states "obviously? Oh that is just condescending" Soso responds by saying "Its hard to avoid condescension when you are a literally Bologne right now" followed by "you know what, maybe i am better than you, and i'm not apologizing", Jeanie looks shocked by this but, does not respond.

In "We Can Be Heroes", Angie is after getting out and Leanne tells a story about it in the session with the Norma-worshippers" everyone, including Jeanie shouts "Praise Norma!" Jeanie walks up to Norma with 2 snickers bars and says "here, i brought you these" and walks back to her seat with a smile on her face, Norma eats her bar that Jeanie gave her when Soso comes in the room stating "Norma, I'm being bullied by your group, I thought you should know that". Soso and Leanne argue again and Soso says "How could you let ths happen, I thought you were about kindness, I used to think you cared but you don't, and you let a bunch of crazies speak for you, congrats on nothing! and your all just some chicken-shit followers!" Jeanie is extremely offended by this comment.

In "Trust No Bitch" Leanne and Angie discover Norma's face in a slice of toast. Jeanie and fellow Norma Worshippers go over and see if it's true, Jeanie finally notices Norma's face and exclaims "Holy mother, its beautiful!" Later on, The Worshippers have built a stand for the toast. Poussey gives another speech, criticizing the Norma-worshippers and Norma, this is Jeanie's last appearance until Season 5's Finale.

Season 5 Edit

In "Storm-y Weather" she is seen hiding in Lolly's Time machine with Reema and Alana when the swat team entered Litchfield. Although, she and her friends are quickly discovered and cuffed.



Enemies Edit

Memorable Quotes Edit

""Non Believers, All of you! Nobody ever listens to me""
— Jeanie to Norma-Worshippers about Norma
""Norma is my Jesus!""
— Jeanie to Norma-Worshippers about Norma.
"Holy mother, its beautiful!"
— Jeanie, about the toast that looks like Norma

Trivia Edit

  • She hates papaya.
  • She farts when she is nervous.

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