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James P. Washington is the father of Poussey Washington, portrayed by Thaddeus Daniels. He works for the U.S. Military. 

Personality Edit

Washington is portrayed as a caring father; he visits his daughter regularly, is accepting of her homosexuality and defends her in front of his German Commander.

Physical Appearance Edit

Washington is a tall, muscular black man with a wide set nose, he is bald and is seen wearing millitary uniform.

Biography Edit

Before Poussey's Incarceration Edit

Washington named his daughter after the town of Poussey in North-eastern France, where he was stationed when she was born ("WAC Pack").

He was once stationed in Germany, Hohenfels, where he lived with his family. There, his teenage daughter began a relationship with the daughter of his German Commander, Franziska. When Franziska's father found out about the relationship, Washington got reassigned to a post in the United States, as the Commander thought that homosexuality was an illness that should be cured. Poussey confronted the Commander with a hidden gun; James kept her from revealing the gun and killing him, stating to the Commander that "everything's okay" with his daughter when the Commander suggested that he should get his daughter treated for her homosexuality ("You Also Have a Pizza").

After Poussey's Incarceration Edit

His wife died about 12 months after Poussey's incarceration in Litchfield, as mentioned by Poussey in "Fool Me Once".

Season One Edit

He is first seen in "The Chickening", when he visits his daughter.

Season Four Edit


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