Jürgen Mertensacker is the father of Franziska Mertensacker, Poussey Washington's ex-girlfriend seen in "You Also Have a Pizza" in Season Two. He is portrayed by Stephan Lee Anderson.

Personality Edit

Jürgen Mertensacker is a religious person who believes in conversion therapy. He is shown to be homophobic. Being high up in the German military, it is assumed Mertensacker has military training.

Physical Appearance Edit

Mertensacker is a bald middle aged man. He is athletically built.

Biography Edit

Before Poussey's incarceration Edit

Mertensacker is seen after Poussey is outed as a lesbian and forces Franzi and her to break up. Poussey is severely upset by this and decides to confront Mertensacker while he is eating dessert. She reveals her love for Franzi and almost pulls a gun out on him before being stopped by James P. Washington. Mertensacker tells James that there are conversion camps available, but James says that Poussey is fine. ("You Also Have a Pizza")

Memorable Quotes Edit

"That is why you're going home."
— Mertensacker to Poussey Washington after she confesses her love to Franziska Mertensacker
"There are programs that can change your daughter's confused predilections."
— Mertensacker to James P. Washington about Poussey.

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