Inês Brasil is a guest star who participated in the dissemination of Orange Is the New Black in Brazil. She is played by herself.

Season Four Edit

Inês appears in a special publication series. She appears in solitary conversation with Piper Chapman in a small grid, it looks pretty optimistic for is there. It tells Piper that there are several new inmates arriving and also complains that it takes a year for a new season. She also mentions that met Alex Vause.

Season Five Edit

Ines discovers that Valesca Popozuda is also in SHU, where she was arrested in the last year. Valesca asks where her poussey is, and Ines says she's dead.

While they talk, Ines and Valesca find out that Narcisa Tamborindeguy is also in SHU, who asked Caputo to put her there to avoid spoilers of the fifth season that was leaked. Ines warned that 50 seasons should be cleared at once, but Narcisa said that this was not possible and ended up using a phrase from Ines, which irritated her.

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