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"Imaginary Enemies"
Imaginary friends
Season 1
Episode 4

July 11, 2013
Running time
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"Imaginary Enemies" is the fourth episode of Season One, and the fourth overall episode of Orange is the New Black.


Piper gets to know her stern new roommate; the prisoners prepare a farewell party for one of their own; a misplaced screwdriver has dire consequences.


Chapman adjusts to living with Claudette and working in the electrical shop. She starts to make friends with Nichols. After Chapman loses a screwdriver, the prison staff searches high and low to find it before it's used as a weapon. Mendez molests Chapman during the search. When Chapman returns to her cube with the screwdriver, it places more strain on her relationship with Claudette. After the search ends, Chapman and Claudette make peace. Chapman agrees to review appeal letters from different inmates. Miller schemes to prevent her girlfriend's release until Claudette changes her mind. After Claudette receives a letter from her friend Baptiste, she agrees to have her case reopened. Flashbacks depict Claudette's career running a housekeeping company and that she murdered a man who abused one of her employees.


"Hope is a dangerous thing."
— Miss Claudette


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