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Shelly Ginsberg is a Jewish inmate in Litchfield Penitentiary who helps Black Cindy converting to Judaism in Season Three. She is portrayed by Jamie Denbo.

Personality Edit


Physical Appearance Edit

Ginsberg is a middle-aged women with blue eyes and long blond hair that she casually wears in a plait.

Cindy comments her outward appearance as "uncommon for Jewish people".

Biography Edit

Before Litchfield Edit

It is known before Ginsberg started her sentence, she was arrested for money laundering.

Season Three Edit

As more and more inmates start to eat kosher in Season 3, a rabbi named Rabbi Alan "Elijah" Tatelbaum visits Litchfield to check their Jewish faith. After Black Cindy fails to convince the rabbi, she starts looking for other Jewish inmates intending to learn from them. That way she also gets involved with Ginsberg, whose Hebrew name is Shayna Malka having had her Bat Mitzvah at Temple Beth in Israel ("A Tittin' and a Hairin'").

Afterwards she and and another Jewish inmate called Boyle help her out studying and arguing with her, but also with finding the Hebrew name Tova (meaning "good") for Cindy.

When Cindy later has her second talk with the rabbi, Ginsberg realizes that she knows him as Alan Tatelbaum, as she had studied with his cousin. She also knows some very inappropiate stories about him, which she attempts to use against him. He now is more willing to listen to Cindy, and Ginsberg confirms that Cindy has tried very hard to learn about Judaism, at which the rabbi finally gives his "yes", as well as Ginsberg and Boyle.

At the end of the season, Cindy has her Mikwah in the Lake behind Litchfield, being immersed by Ginsberg ("Trust No Bitch").

Relationships Edit

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