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Gina Murphy is an inmate at Litchfield Penitentiary. She is portrayed by Abigail Savage.

Personality Edit

She is a very loyal friend, and does not let anyone take advantage of her. She makes sure her friends are making good decisions (i.e. when Nicky, a former addict, is given drugs, Gina follows her closely until Nicky gives them to Red). She can be touchy and easily angered, like when she told off Aleida Diaz for not knowing her name and bossing her around.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Murphy is short and thin with short, mousy-brown hair.

After Season One, she has a severe burn scar across her neck and shoulder.


Before Litchfield Edit

It is revealed that Gina's offense is embezzlement, but she claims she only "stole money". She adds that she "had nothing to do with the guy who killed himself" ("Imaginary Enemies").

Gina speaks about her past to Red, explaining her work for her drama workshop held by Berdie Rogers. Gina speaks about her mother being manipulative and disloyal.

Season One Edit

Gina is one of Red's prison daughters and trusted lackeys, withholding food from Piper at Red's command after giving her the infamous tampon sandwich from Red. She is shown to be a focused worker, moving away from Piper to knit/crochet undisturbed. When Red asks Murphy and Norma to sabotage Gloria's kitchen, Murphy implores to Red that they are on the outs with Gloria as it is. Murphy and Norma are reprimanded for sneaking about the kitchen by Gloria. When Red takes sabotaging the kitchen in her own hands, Murphy ends up badly burned by the extra grease in a hot oven.

She is one of the inmates who asks Piper to look over her appeal ("Imaginary Enemies").

Season Two Edit

Murphy ignores Red's attempts to win her friendship back after the burning accident. After realizing she never apologized to her friends, Red invites everyone to a dinner in the greenhouse to make peace. Murphy accepts Red's apology, and their group reforms.

Season Three Edit

Murphy is originally shown to be Wiccan, and she serves as a leader of that religious group ("Mother's Day"). However, she is shown to be one of the inmates involved in the cult centered on Norma. Murphy is sometimes skeptical due to Red challenging Murphy's faith, but she still kept going back to the cult.

Season FourEdit


Season Five Edit




Enemies Edit

  • Joel Luschek - Shown to always be rude to Gina, and not care after possibly being infected with Tetanus.
  • Piscatella

Memorable QuotesEdit

"Great, we'll challenge them to a sudoku contest."
— Gina Murphy
"But then she gave me that look that makes my ass leak."
— Gina Murphy
"There's what, 250 women in here? Is it that hard to know my name?"
— Gina Murphy


Season 1Edit

"I Wasn't Ready"



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