Ganya is a Russian Mafia member, currently residing in New York. He is the husband of Marina.

Overview Edit

Before Season One Edit

He frequently visits Dmitri's Russian Market, the store owned by Dmitri Reznikov and Galina "Red" Resnikov, along with Marina, fellow mafia members and their wives.

He also created Neptune's Produce as a way of explaining how extra income is being made for their books. The idea came from Red, as she said "restaurants come and go, but not schools or hospitals, you get something big, something steady, then you're not out chasing bids" ("Moscow Mule").

After Red was sentenced to prison, Ganya started to supply Neptune's Produce to Litchfield Penitentiary as a contractual agreement was made between him and Red, as stated in "Looks Blue, Tastes Red". Neptune was supplying contraband into the prison as a way of making extra money for Ganya and his mafia.

Season Two Edit

Red's son, Vasily Reznikov, informs Red that the family market is not doing well as Ganya is upset at Red for losing the Neptune's Produce vendor connection inside Litchfield, not caring that that was due to infiltration by Pornstache rather than any fault of Red's. The once-loyal customers of the market are now afraid to go in as they know that Ganya would disapprove.

When Piper visits the market during her furlough, she sees that it is permanently closed with a "For Lease" sign in the window ("40 Oz. of Furlough") . However, she chooses not to tell Red and instead tells her that the market is doing really well ("Little Mustachioed Shit").

Season Three Edit

Red's family come to visit her on Mother's Day, and she asks who is minding the store. The shifty looks and replies from her family lead her to realise that the store is gone. This prompts her decision to split from Dmitri ("Mother's Day"). Ganya is not mentioned, but Red realises what has happened.

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