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Frieda Berlin is an inmate at Litchfield Penitentiary and a member of the "Golden Girls" group who befriends Red in Season Two. She is portrayed by Dale Soules.  

Personality Edit

Frieda has an abrasive, "bad grandma" personality. She is blunt, but she is loyal and has firmly remained on Red's side since Season Two.

Physical Appearance Edit

Frieda is an older woman who is always seen wearing her brown hair in a ponytail. The roots of her hair are grey. Like some of the other Golden Girls, she wears a button up uniform rather than the plain t-shirt most other inmates have. She has an octopus tattoo partially visible on her neck.  

Biography Edit

Before Litchfield Edit

It is hinted by Red in "Doctor Psycho" that Frieda was a biker.

Frieda reveals that she cut off her husband's penis with a butcher knife that "wasn't even sharp."

In Season Four, she also mentions that she killed four people in one year. She also killed a cop with his own gun but she stated she doesn't remember if she was caught or not.

At Litchfield Edit

At some point before Bayley's employment, Frieda was at the prison. While working outside, Bayley's friends drive past, and throw eggs at the working prisoners, one of which being Frieda. She then turns around and shouts at them until Wade Donaldson calms her down ("The Animals"). Despite her age, she is an intense criminal who, to assist Red, threatens the Spanish girls with sewing needles. In another plan that Frieda helped come up with, one of the Golden Girls, Taslitz, decides to assassinate Vee with a sharpened toothbrush.

Season Two Edit

Frieda and the other the Golden Girls befriend Red and help her with cleaning out the greenhouse.

Later in the season, Red accuses Frieda of betraying her by telling Vee about the tunnel. Frieda reacts fretfully, unaware why Red is threatening her.

After Taslitz mistakenly stabs another inmate instead of Vee, Frieda encourages Red to play it to her advantage by explaining to Vee that it was a planned warning shot instead of a mistake.

Season Three Edit

Frieda expresses her disappointment at Red's decision to cement the tunnel shut, and begins to scheme other ways to make money, such as renting out the cornfield "as a motel room". Later in the season she becomes an avid fan of Suzanne's science fiction story, "Time Hump Chronicles". She also expresses her distaste at Norma's cult following, especially when they meet in her and Leanne's cube.

Season Four Edit

She finds the body that Alex and Lolly have hidden in the greenhouse. When they try to make excuses she tells them she's bored and asks what their plan is. She convinces them it's better to dig "six one-foot holes" than "one six-foot hole" and assist them in chopping up the body and burying it in the garden. She keeps the keys taken out of Aydin's uniform as a thank you, which she later gives to Red.

When Lolly's behavior becomes erratic and appears that she may tip off the guards about the body, Frieda decides it is in their best interests to kill her as well using oleander leaves, but Alex and Red won't let her. When the body is found, she seems equally offended and confused that she wasn't named as a suspect.

Season Five Edit


Relationships Edit

Friends Edit

Enemies Edit

Memorable Quotes Edit

"That's right! Run, rabbit, run!"
— Frieda
"I understand that, but that doesn't mean the rat can open a restaurant. The health code is still the health code."
— Frieda
"I'm bored. What's the plan?"
— Frieda
"Ain't you ever killed someone before?"
— Frieda
"Why dig one six-foot hole when you can dig six one-foot holes? That's just murder math!"
— Frieda
"Are you kidding me!? Kukudio's a suspect and I'm not? I killed a cop with his own gun. Oh...wait. Did I get caught for that? I'm getting old..."
— Frieda
"Aren't you cute? Did you get caught up in your boyfriend's drug game? You wanna know what I did? I cut my husband's dick off with a butcher knife and it wasn't even sharp. I still dream about it. All the blood. The way it flopped around in my... fist. Best thing I ever did."
— Frieda

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