Ellen Murphy is a homeless woman living on the streets who was approached by Sam Healy. She is portrayed by Linda S. Nelson.

Physical Appearance Edit

Ellen has blonde greasy, dirty hair in curls and has blue eyes, she is greying at the top of her hair. She wore a cream jumper over a blue dress and carried a large plastic bag most likely containing her possessions.

Biography Edit

Before Healy's employment Edit

Ellen's only appearance is in a flashback in "Doctor Psycho". After Sam has a bad date with one of his clients and she leaves him in town, he sees Ellen sitting on some steps. He thinks that she is his long-missing mother, Margaret Healy, and walks over to her. Sam tells Ellen who he is, and Ellen just repeats his name. Sam takes Ellen out to get some food, where he strokes her wrist and finds her psychiatric wristband, revealing her name to be Ellen and not Margaret. Sam is upset that she isn't his mother, but still promises to have a nice meal with her. Ellen says she has to go, but Sam stops her forcefully and tells her that he will be the only one who cares about her. Ellen is scared and runs away.

Relationships Edit

Friends Edit

  • Sam Healy (friend; former) - Sam picks Ellen up off the street and mistakes her for his mother. The two start a brief friendship before he finds up that this isn't his mother.

Memorable Quotes Edit

"Ellen. Ellen. Yes, I'm Ellen."
— Ellen Murphy

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