Donte is the former boyfriend of Janae Watson, prior to her incarceration at Litchfield, and a member of Three-D's crew. He appears solely in a flashback in the episode, "Blood Donut".

Biography Edit

Donte met Janae outside of a party at Three-D's place. Janae had just been asked to leave by Three-D, who wasn't willing to play a part in Janae ruining her career if that's the path that she wanted to take.

Janae left, upset, and was stopped by Donte. He asked what was up, and she said that she got booted. Donte replied that Three-D had his own ideas about what was right and wrong. Janae asked who he was, and he said that he was the guy that wasn't going to stop her partying if that's what she wanted to do. He gave her some of his beer, and they flirted.

Some time in the future, Donte and Janae were seen in an alleyway, having just robbed a Sikh man's store. Sirens were heard, and they ran. Janae ran much faster than Donte, and he yelled at her to stop showing off, much like a boy in her childhood had done. This made her falter and turn back to him at an intersection, where a cop accosted her. Donte left her and ran away whilst she was arrested.

It is unknown whether Janae has ever seen or spoken to Donte since then.

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