Dina is one of the delinquent teenagers sent to Litchfield to turn their behaviour around as part of the Scared Straight programme in the episode "Bora Bora Bora". She is portrayed by Adrienne Warren.


Season One Edit

When the bus arrives at Litchfield, Dina is last to be taken off the school bus due to her being handicapped and wheelchair-bound.

Dina and her fellow delinquents are put into the TV room where Black Cindy, Poussey Washington, Maritza Ramos, Crazy Eyes and Flaca are all waiting to scare the children. They all run over to them except for Dina. Bell tells Poussey to interact with Dina; Poussey is visually scared to do this as she doesn't want to offend Dina. Poussey watches what she says and stumbles over her words. Dina reveals she's in a gang of other handicapped people.

The delinquents are taken into the showers, where Piper arrives. Piper undoes all the scaremongering the other girls have done, and makes the girls less scared. After Dina argues, she is told to stay in the bathroom with Piper for lunch while the others leave. Piper originally tries to be nice to Dina, but Dina homphobically insults Piper. Piper is offended by this, and tells Dina how bad prison is in a monologue, leaving Dina visibly shaken.

Piper then goes out and finds Tiffany "Pennsatucky" Doggett, and tells her to find Dina. Doggett, who at that time believes herself to be a faith-healer, finds Dina and throws her out her wheelchair in an attempt to cure her of her paraplegia. This ultimately gets Doggett transferred to Psych. It is unknown what happened to Dina after this. ("Bora Bora Bora")

Memorable Quotes Edit

"Don't touch me! Dyke faggot bitch!"
— Dina to Piper

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