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Desi Piscatella is Captain of the Guards at Litchfield Penitentiary. He makes his first appearance in Season Four as the main antagonist. He is portrayed by Brad William Henke.

Personality Edit

A commanding and very authoritarian disciplined man, Piscatella enjoys expressing his power over inmates and shows no fear in expressing it. It is also implied that he is racist towards blacks and Hispanics. While seemingly having the best interests of order and security, Piscatella has been shown repeatedly to go to extremes and lie to cover up the crimes of his staff. He is also willing to degrade and abuse inmates in order to make an example of those bold enough to defy total submission to prison staff.

Physical Appearance Edit

Piscatella is a tall 6'3" (192 cm), strong male. He also has a beard that highlights his jawline. Which he later shaves off when the prison riot forms. He shaves so when he goes into the prison the inmates have 'less to pull from'. His frame is large. He has a light burnt sienna natural hair colour.

Biography Edit

Before Litchfield Edit

Desi mentions that his mother sent him to a 'gay conversion camp' while explaining people don't change.

Before he came to Litchfield, he originally worked at the men's high security facility. It is not revealed why he moved facilities, but it is likely that it is an incriminating story based on Caputo's scolding.

Season Four Edit

In "The Animals", Piscatella's brutality while trying to gain control of the protesting inmates indirectly causes the death of Poussey. He has no respect for demands made by Caputo to keep his unstable guards under control, and he threatens Caputo with a whole-staff walk out if he is fired.

Season Five Edit


Relationships Edit

Romantic Edit

Piscatella is gay. He mentions that he took a "beard" (a woman who fronts as a guy's girlfriend in order to give him the appearance of being heterosexual) to his high school prom.

  • Pisacatella had a romantic relationship with an inmate in his previous prison.

Friends Edit

  • Thomas Humphrey (friend) - A fellow CO of Piscatella.
  • Lee Dixon (friend) - A fellow CO of Piscatella.
  • B. Stratman (friend) - Stratman and Piscatella are shown to joke around together.
  • Artesian McCullough (friend) - A fellow CO of Piscatella. Artesian turns to Piscatella for help often, especially during the peaceful protest.
  • CO Blake (friend) - A fellow CO of Piscatella.

Enemies Edit

  • Gloria Mendoza (enemy) - After being assaulted by officer Stratman, Mendoza goes to complain to Piscatella, but is simply shrugged off under the false pretences that all of the Latina inmates are starting a gang, and wrongfully assumes Mendoza is a part of this gang.
  • Joe Caputo (disliked) - Caputo seemed to be one of the only staff of Litchfield who disliked Piscatella, toward the end of Season Four, Caputo scolds Piscatella, threatening to reveal why he was transferred from maximum to minimum.
  • Galina 'Red' Reznikov (enemy) - Piscatella spends hours with Red trying to gain info on CO Aydin Bayat who had recently been found dead. Red is almost detained when Healy reveals to Piscatella Lolly Whitehill confessed.
  • Piper Chapman
  • Maria Ruiz
  • Nicky Nichols
  • Blanca Flores
  • Carrie Black
  • Alex Vause
  • Gina Murphy
  • Frieda Berlin

Memorable Quotes Edit

"I had a beard since the tenth grade. Two, actually. The one on my face, and the one I took to prom. Yeah, I like dudes. I'll never find you adorable."
— Piscatella to Chapman
"You're criminals. You deserve nothing"
— Piscatella in "The Animals"
"People don't change. I should know, my mom sent me to gay conversion camp."
— Piscatella

Trivia Edit

  • There is a Certificate of Completion for a course in Welding for Commercial Divers from Adler Technical Institute hanging on the wall in his office.
  • His mother sent him to a gay conversion camp.

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