Dennis Warren is the adoptive father of Suzanne Warren, otherwise known as "Crazy Eyes". He is married to Pat Warren and they have a biological daughter named Grace.

Biography Edit

Before Suzanne's Incarceration Edit

He appears in two flashbacks during "Hugs Can Be Deceiving". In the first, Pat has just given birth to Grace and he has brought Suzanne to the hospital to meet her. Suzanne is allowed to hold Grace for a short period, but when Dennis takes Grace back, Suzanne starts to have a tantrum.

In a later scene, Dennis, Pat and Grace are attending Suzanne's graduation. Pat has pushed Suzanne to sing a solo piece, but Suzanne collapses under the pressure and starts panicking and shouting into the microphone that she can't do it. Dennis and Pat look upset as the crowd laughs.

Season One Edit

He appears in "Fucksgiving" with Pat, visiting Suzanne on Thanksgiving.

Season Five Edit

Dennis and his wife are part of the crowd forming outside of Litchfield among other loved ones. Pat takes alcohol from Carol Chapman while Dennis tries to discourage her.

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