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Delia Mendez Powell is the mother of George Mendez. She is portrayed by Mary Steenburgen.

Personality Edit

Delia is a compassionate, lonely woman who appears genuinely shocked and remorseful at her son's behaviour towards Daya. She seems to wish to make some kind of amends by raising the baby, even when it is revealed that it is not her grandchild. She also behaves in a loving, gentle way towards her son, George, even though she does not approve of his actions.

Physical Appearance Edit

Delia is a petite brunette who is always well-presented.

Biography Edit

Before George's employment Edit

Delia Powell was married to a Cuban man and had a son, George Mendez, with him. She also has a son who works as an art historian and another one who works as a dentist. It is unknown if they all have the same father.

Season Three Edit

Upon hearing about "her grandchild" on the way, she writes to Daya Diaz, and offers to raise the baby as her own. Daya's mother, Aleida, immediately contacts her and strikes a deal with her: she will get the baby in exchange for compensation in the form of money given to both her and Daya. Daya was at first skeptical but eventually agreed to it, although she didn't know about the monetary compensation. When Daya heard from Delia that Aleida had requested money, Daya came clean to Delia about the baby not being George's, as she didn't feel the situation was right.

Delia immediately visits her son in prison to tell him the truth, but George refuses to believe it. Despite knowing that the child is not her grandchild, Delia contacts Daya again and tells her that she still wants to raise the child, telling her that she has become lonely without her children. However, as Daya reaches labor, she begins to have doubts; Aleida then takes it upon herself to call Delia, who has already purchased things for the baby, and tells her that the baby was a boy and that he died during birth. Daya does not realize this until Cesar, not Delia, arrives to collect her baby daughter.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

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