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Debbie Doggett is the mother of Tiffany Doggett. She is portrayed by Helen Abell.

Personality Edit

Debbie is shown to be very caring toward her daughter, but also very manipulative and dishonest when she forces Tiffany to drink Mountain Dew and claim she cannot handle her child. SHe is shown to be uneducated about rape.

Biography Edit

Before Pennsatucky's incarceration Edit

Debbie is first seen standing outside social services, forcing a young Tiffany to drink an entire bottle of Mountain Dew, causing Tiffany to have a sugar and caffeine rush. Inside social services, Debbie tries to claim extra benefits due to Tiffany being unable to handle as a hyperactive child. ("Mother's Day")

Debbie is then seen when Tiffany has her first period, and tells her about sex and how men will want to have their way with her, and Tiffany should just let them. ("A Tittin' and a Hairin'")

Memorable Quotes Edit

"See for yourself she ain't right in the head. Never had all what belongs to her, poor thang. But we take what the Lord gives us...Anyhow, so's I understand it, supplemental security income benefits for little bessie bugs like mine is $314 a month. Is that right?"
— Debbie Doggett to a social worker

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