03x13 Contraband1

Correctional Officers Baxter Bayley and Erin Sikowitz examining the candy shank found in Stella Carlin's bunk.

Overview Edit

Contraband is any item that is not bought through commissary or provided by the prison.

Information Edit

Many instances of contraband have occurred on Orange is the New Black. For example, in Season One, a mobile phone was used by Blanca Flores to take part in phone sex with her boyfriend, until it was discovered by Piper Chapman. Other examples include drugs, weapons, cigarettes, alcohol, technology, banned make-up, etc.

Season One Edit


Season Two Edit


Season Three Edit

On the search for a cell phone, which is for transferring money to every pantie business wearer, Piper Chapman finds many contraband items, including a candy shiv.

Chapman plants every contraband item she found into inmate Stella Carlin's bunk, a few days prior to her release, thus extending Stella's sentence and gets her sent to Max. Chapman does this for payback because Stella stole all of Chapman's pantie business funds so that she could have a good start once outside of prison.

Associated People Edit

03x13 Contraband3

Piper Chapman discovers Poussey Washington's hooch stash.

People who are linked with contraband:
  • Poussey Washington - Making hooch (prison alcohol)
  • Vee and her gang - Cigarettes; drugs
  • Blanca Flores - Mobile Phone
  • Mei Chang - Mobile phone; fresh oranges
  • Piper Chapman - Mobile Phone; panties stolen from Whispers, worn by inmates and smuggled out to sell; various items found and used to frame Stella Carlin; unintentional theft of a screwdriver from Electrical.
  • Stella Carlin - Marijuana cigarettes, regular cigarettes, lighter, candy shank, screwdriver, chicken (all placed in her bunk by Piper Chapman)
  • Red - (through kitchen) goods for the women in the prison; drugs (blackmailed by Pornstache),
    (through greenhouse) goods for the women in the prison.
  • Pornstache - Bringing drugs into the prison and exchanging them for sexual favours from inmates.
  • Tricia Miller - distributing drugs for Pornstache (resulting in intentional, lethal overdose on said drugs).
  • John Bennett - Food and Vitamins for Daya; items for Spanish Harlem (blackmailed)
  • Nicky Nichols, Big Boo, Joel Luschek - Involved in smuggling out the heroin that Vee smuggled in.
  • Baxter Bayley - smuggling out the panties involved in Piper's business.


03x13 Contraband8

Piper Chapman found a cell phone (and charger) that she uses for transferring money to her workers' accounts.

03x13 Contraband5

Piper Chapman finds a candy shiv, which she later plants in Stella Carlin's bunk for revenge.

03x13 Contraband2

Baxter Bayley finds a lighter in Stella Carlin's bunk.

03x13 Contraband7

Piper Chapman, examining the hidden hole in the wall that originally hid Blanca Flores' cell phone in Season One.

03x13 Contraband6

Piper Chapman found cigarettes strung on a shower drain.

03x13 Contraband4

Piper Chapman finds fried chicken in the ice box, which is considered contraband.

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