Christina is the second-oldest daughter of Aleida Diaz and sister of Daya, Eva, Lucy and Emiliano

Biography Edit

Before Aleida and Daya's incarcerationEdit

Christina can be seen at home with her siblings before Aleida leaves Daya in charge of them before once again going out to eat oysters with Cesar. ("The Chickening")

Season ThreeEdit

After Aleida and Daya were incarcerated, Christina and her other siblings lived with Cesar and Margarita. Christina and her siblings arrive at the prison for mother's day to see Daya and Aleida. ("Mother's Day") At the end of season three, several DEA agents arrive at Cesar's apartment and raid the home. As Cesar is dragged away, Cesar begs Christina to look after his daughter. ("Trust No Bitch") After this, it is likely Christina and her siblings were put in care.