Celeste Chapman was Piper and Cal's grandmother, and also the mother of Bill Chapman and mother-in-law of Carol Chapman. She is portrayed by Mary Looram.


Celeste was Piper's dearly beloved grandmother. Piper seeks furlough after she recieves the news that her grandmother is on her deathbed. When Piper calls her mother to tell her that her furlough has been approved, she learns that Celeste has passed away. Piper is able to attend her grandmother's funeral, which also played host to her brother's wedding, while out on furlough ("40 OZ of Furlough"). 

Physical AppearanceEdit

She was an older petite woman with gray/white hair and she seemed to have wrinkles on her face.


  • She once kissed a girl named Mary Straley in her schooldays, but it "wasn't for her", as she mentions in "I Wasn't Ready".


Season 1Edit

"I Wasn't Ready"

Season 2Edit

"I Wasn't Ready"

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