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Arturo is the abusive ex-boyfriend of Gloria Mendoza and the foster-father of Benito and Julio Mendoza. He is portrayed by Hugo Medina.

Appearance Edit


Biography Edit

In a flashback, Arturo is shown to be working to help support his girlfriend and her children. Whenever Gloria speaks ill of him in his presense, he acts violently, hitting her whenever she steps out of line. However, Arturo constantly begs for forgiveness afterwards, telling her that he has been trying to hold back.

When Lourdes asks her why she stays with him despite the abuse, she says that he has never been abusive towards her boys. This changes one day, leaving Gloria no choice by to run away with money she managed to stash away by committing SNAP fraud. After her arrest, Arturo revisits the shop and attempts to steal the stash, accidentally knocking over lit candles in the back room in the process. Trapped by the locked doors, he soon burns to death in the resulting fire.

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