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Armaria Diaz is the child of Dayanara Diaz and John Bennett.

In "Doctor Psycho", a conversation between Daya and her mother Aleida confirms that the baby's name is Armaria.


It's unknown precisely when the baby was conceived, but it can be assumed that it was in the episode "WAC Pack".

Even though Armaria's parents are Daya and John most of the Litchfield inmates and staff believe the baby's father to be George Mendez. Daya tricked Mendez into having intercourse with her so that she could say that she was carrying Mendez's child, not Bennett's. She did this so that Bennett would not lose his job and be imprisoned for having sex with an inmate.

Armaria is finally born in "Don't Make Me Come Back There" and is given to Cesar, although she was originally supposed to be adopted by Mendez's mother, Delia Powell. After the birth, Aleida lied to Delia, telling her that the baby had been a boy and that he had died during birth because the umbilical cord had been wrapped around his neck. The baby was then put into Cesar's care, until there was a drug bust at Cesar's apartment and the baby was taken into custody by Social Services ("Trust No Bitch"). As of the end of Season Four, Armaria is still being fostered by an unknown party.


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