Araceli is an inmate at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Chicago. Piper was temporarily assigned to Araceli's cell whilst giving testimony in the trial against Kubra Balik. Piper immediately incurred Araceli's wrath by accidentally stepping on Yoda, the cockroach Araceli had trained to carry cigarettes to and from solitary ("Thirsty Bird").

Araceli claims to have killed thirteen people.

Personality Edit

Araceli is seen to be cold, hard and unforgiving. She seems proud of her crimes and shows no sympathy towards Piper as a new inmate, threatening her to find them a new Yoda even though it was an understandable accident that Piper stepped on him.

Physical Appearance Edit

Araceli is dark-skinned with black hair and many tattoos, including one on her face and a count on her right forearm of the people that she has killed.

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