Ann-Marie is a journalist at Free Weekly and the former best friend of Lolly Whitehill. She is portrayed by Elizabeth Alderfer.

Physical Appearance Edit

Ann-Marie has brown hair, blue eyes and arched eyebrows. She has long eyelashes and white teeth.

Biography Edit

Season Four Edit

Ann-Marie solely appears in Lolly's flashbacks in "It Sounded Nicer in My Head". Ann-Marie is shown at her desk where a young Lolly turns up. Ann-Marie tells Lolly that she needs to speak to John, their boss.

In 1993, Ann-Marie is shown to be pregnant and showing Lolly around a placement group for mentally unwell people. Lolly decides she doesn't want to live there, and tries to leave, Ann-Marie stops her, and tells her she can't go anywhere else. Ann-Marie reminds Lolly that Lolly's mother sold the apartment that she was living in. Ann-Marie tells Lolly she can't come back to work, but Lolly says she could stay with Ann-Marie and help with the baby. When Ann-Marie says nothing, Lolly asks if she thinks she's crazy, but Ann-Marie reassures Lolly she isn't. Ann-Marie says she'll speak to the owner of the facility and leaves Lolly with the other residents. After being frightened by the other residents, Lolly bolts out of the building, leaving Ann-Marie alone. ("It Sounded Nicer in My Head")

Relationships Edit

Friends Edit

  • Lolly Whitehill - (best friend) Ann-Marie was Lolly's best friend and co-worker at Free Weekly. When Lolly was fired as her delusions become more apparent, Ann-Marie decided it was best for Lolly to be taken to a care home as Lolly's family did not live nearby and Ann-Marie herself was pregnant and so could not care for Lolly.

Family Edit

  • Unnamed child - Ann-Marie is pregnant, and Lolly suggests she could look after the child; however Ann-Marie knows that this is not a good idea due to Lolly's poor grip on reality.

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