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Aliyah "Ali" Jones is a friend of Poussey Washington and Mikey.

Biography Edit

Before Poussey's incarceration Edit

Aliyah appeared in Poussey's flashbacks in "Toast Can't Never Be Bread Again". Her, Poussey and Mikey boarded a bus to see band The Roots play at a club in New York City together, and were confused to see a duck in a cage travelling on the bus. Ali said that it was a sign that it was going to be a good night as ducks were lucky, and revealed that she has a shamrock tattoo on her ass for luck. Poussey called her a dumbass, saying that four-leaf clovers, not shamrocks, are lucky. Ali said she thought they were the same thing. They talk about how Poussey is leaving to go to Amsterdam, and Mikey says if she is insistent on going, at least she will have had a good last night with her best friends seeing The Roots play.

When they reach the club, however, Mikey realises that the starring band is, in fact, a white cover band named The Rootz. Ali denies it, saying that her cousin CeeCee said that she saw The Roots play there and got a drumstick signed by Questlove to prove it. Mikey sarcastically asks if this is the same CeeCee that interned with Jay-Z, and Poussey comments that they don't call her Fox News because she's foxy. At that moment, the band come on stage, and they are indeed a white cover band. Aliyah is infuriated, and goes to look for the manager. Poussey calls after her to get them some free drinks, and then waits with Mikey where they goof around. Poussey snaps a picture of Mikey with her phone, but as she does so, someone snatches the phone and runs out of the club. Poussey gives chase and, in doing so, gets seperated from her friends.

The rest of the flashbacks in the episode revolve around Poussey's experiences in night-time New York as she tries to find Mikey and Aliyah once more. ("Toast Can't Never Be Bread Again")

Trivia Edit

  • S04E13 Poussey Ali Mikey

    Ali posts a picture of the three friends in the club

    According to the photo Ali posted to twitter, the picture was posted - and therefore their night out took place - in November 2008.

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