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Alex Vause
Alex Vause
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Alex Vause
Early 30s
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Pigsty (bullies at school)

Supercunt (Polly)
Cause of death

Alex Vause is an inmate at Litchfield Penitentiary, and on-and-off lover of main character, Piper Chapman. In Season Two, she gets out of Litchfield, but then gets put back in during Season Three due to Piper indirectly calling her probation's officer. Alex's character is based on Nora in the memoir, Orange is the New Black: My Year in a Women's Prison. She is portrayed by Laura Prepon.


Before Litchfield Edit

Alex is the daughter of Diane Vause and Lee Burly. Vause's mother had worked four jobs, and her father was a washed-up rock star. Alex tracked down her father and, facing bitter disappointment, struck up a friendship with his drug dealer Fahri. He subsequently became her industry contact in a drug cartel led by kingpin Kubra Balik. Alex then worked as a smuggler for many years. She took a sexual interest in Piper after meeting her in a bar. Alex was living with her girlfriend Sylvia at the time, but Alex eventually broke up the relationship and began dating Piper. Alex gradually integrated Piper into the drug trade while they traveled the world living in luxury. Vause once convinced Piper to smuggle cash through customs at an airport in Europe, the crime for which Piper is doing time. Vause specifically named Piper during her testimony, which is what led to Piper's later arrest. After Piper broke up with her, Vause began using heroin (though she later cleaned up in prison). She appears to have moments of depression, telling Nicky that she can no longer "get past the swirling darkness in her brain long enough to land on anything" and mentioning to Piper that upon entering prison, she was on anti-depressants, which she now trades for black eyeliner.

Season One Edit

Vause's first encounter with her ex-girlfriend in prison was not a great one. Piper went off on her about being the cause of her arrest, but Alex insisted that she had not named her as a suspect. Piper did not believe her, and refused to speak to Vause.

After Chapman had gotten on bad terms with Red and was refused meals, Alex took it upon herself to give her a piece of bread. Although Piper threw her offering away, it showed the level of feelings Vause still had for her ex-lover.


Vause and Chapman during their first kiss since being in prison together.

During Taystee's goodbye party, Alex and Piper dance together sexually. Pennsatucky, the homophobic bible-freak who was having problems with Piper ran to Sam Healy, who believed that Vause and Chapman had had lesbian sex in the showers earlier that day.In result he threw Piper into solitary in an attempt to remind of her WASPy status,shortly after Caputo argues with Healy and forces him to have her let out. Upon release, Piper found Alex in her dorm and pulled her into the chapel where they then proceeded to have sex. They continued their love affair until Larry revealed that she had named Piper as a suspect.


Vause and Nichols having some "fun."

During the last episode of the season, Piper admitted to Alex that she picks Larry over her, which results in Alex shutting her out completely. Larry unexpectedly visits Alex and hopes to confront her about Piper.Alex then reveals to Larry that it was Piper that initated their fling saying "she came to me". Larry ends the engagement to Piper and she comes running to Alex but is turned down quickly sticking by her words she earlier stated. Before the Christmas pageant Nicky Nichols, who is a good friend of Alex advances at Alex and proceeds to finger her as a "present".

Season Two Edit

Alex Vause did not have many appearances in the second season. She named the prime drug lord (Kubra Balik), but the court failed to have him arrested due to misplaced evidence. She was released having being offered a plea deal by her lawyer. Alex became scared of what would happen to her due to the fact that she was now living on her own with no security or protection and her murderous ex-boss who is seeking revenge. She often sent letters to Piper, telling her how sorry she was for insisting that she lie, however Chapman did not read many of them. In the season finale, Vause was being arrested again thanks to Piper informing Alex's probation officer of her plans to skip town.

Season Three Edit

Alex arrives back at Litchfield embarrassed and questions Piper on why she is back. Piper later tells her that she is back because of her, and the two then have "hate-sex". In Empathy Is a Boner Killer, Alex forgives Piper during drama class when new correction's officer Berdie Rogers has them act out a scene between a manager and an unhappy customer who purchased bruised fruit.

In the season finale it is thought that Aydin has killed her as she pleads to him saying "you don't have to do this" to which he replies "yeah, I really do." In the greenhouse, during a scene where he appears as a Correctional Officer.


Alex Vause is snarky, manipulative and street smart. While she does associate with other inmates, she also keeps to herself emotionally, although she isn't afraid to fight back if provoked. Alex is often seen with a book in hand. Alex is good at reading people and is perceptive. Vause often passes her ill judgements onto Piper, and Piper takes responsibility even though the situation is clearly Alex's fault, and this often means that she rejects any form of blame in conflict situations and is frequently willing to let others take responsibility for her problems and behviour, never considering her own possible flaws. Alex relies on Piper just as much as Piper relies on her, but she uses her rockabilly demeanor to hide it all, when she is simply as fragile as the next inmate. Alex has good survival skills. Alex is very smart and calm and always has good sense of humor when facing problems.


Alex Vause is a tall (5'9"), athletically built woman. She wears her hair down and dyed black, usually wearing dark eyeliner and her eyebrows plucked within an inch of their lives. She wears glasses with thick black frames- described as secretary glasses by Piper. She has a penchant for dark lipstick when seen in flashbacks. She is a fan of tattoos and displays quite a few proudly. She has a salt shaker tattoo in the back of her shoulder, big red rose tattoos on her right shoulder, small tattoos on her left arm and a large tattoo on her right thigh.





Memorable Quotes Edit

"I don't even know anymore. I used to. I had grand plans. Now, I can't even get past the swirling darkness in my brain long enough to land on anything."
— Alex Vause 
"Come be my little spoon."
— Alex Vause 
"Rule number one, don't ever fall in love with a straight girl."
— Alex Vause
"I will fuck you, literally. I will sneak into your bunk in the middle of the night and I'll lick your pussy. I will do it so good and so soft and you're going to be on the edge of coming before you wake up. And I will stop. And you'll be half asleep, and you'll beg for it. *chuckles* You'll beg for it. And maybe I'll be nice, and maybe I won't. But if I am nice, the things you feel, it will ruin you forever."
— Alex Vause (to "Pennsatucky")
"I'm pretty much the master of handling things completely wrong."
— Alex Vause


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