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Alana Dwight is an inmate at Litchfield Penitentiary introduced in Season Four having been transfered to Litchfield due to MCC's expansion plans. She is portrayed by Shannon Esper.

Personality Edit


Physical Appearance Edit

Alana is a caucasian young woman, tall and slender with long brown hair.

Biography Edit

Before Litchfield Edit

Alana's father shot himself when she was young, and two weeks later her mother overdosed. She found both bodies.

She states that she has an oversized uvula, which causes her to snore very loudly.

Season Four Edit

Dwight and Hapakuka are introduced to Red and Piper as the new inmates. Dwight is stationed above Red, which she shows no annoyance to. At night, when Alana is asleep, Red finds out Dwight snores ridiculously. Red confronts Dwight on it, and she reveals she has a large uvula, Piper mentions how Larry Bloom used to snore, and she would place books under the mattress to angle his head, but Piper says that they didn't work. Dwight snores even still despite the chat. Red attaches cans to her back so she cannot sleep on her back causing her to snore, unfortunately, Dwight tries to roll over and finds it uncomfortable, and rolls of the bed and smacks her face on the ground, breaking her nose.

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