Abe is a man with whom Doggett traded sex for imitation Mountain Dew when she was younger. He is portrayed by Jeffrey Ryan. His only appearance to date is in flashbacks in "A Tittin' and a Hairin'".

Overview Edit

At a party, Abe approached Doggett and offered her some soda in exchange for sex, which appeared to be normal for Doggett. In the middle of having sex with Abe, Doggett is stung/bit by either a bee or a spider and cries out in pain. She leaves despite Abe's protests.

Later, after Doggett's new boyfriend Nathan has left town, Abe approaches Doggett to "finish what they started". When she denies him, he becomes abusive and rapes her.

Abe was the first of two known men to rape Doggett (the second being Charlie Coates). Doggett is seen to blame herself when she is raped, not knowing that she is a victim. This seems to stem from an incident whereupon her mother told her that men will want her, and the best thing she can do is let them get on with it.

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