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Piper & Alex's Sentences

First of all English is not my mother language so, please try to understand this.

How long's their sentences and when they'll get release ? If I correct piper have only 3 months (Alex mentioned that in season 5) right? Is it plus more already ? because she lied in court about Kubra ? and how long she get more?

And about Alex, she got release in season 2 right and she go back in prison because she broke her probation. So her sentence for now is continue the old one or for breaking probation ?

I very hope they'll release and stay together out of the prison.
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I don't know how long exactly, but it was inferred that Piper got longer for perjuring herself. I guess that Alex goes back to her original sentence for breaking probation? Not sure how it works in the US.
piper has 3 months left
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